Hills & Dales Estate only 25 minutes from Pine Mountain

Enjoy the beauty of Hills & Dales Estate, the historic home of the Fuller E. Callaway Family in LaGrange, Georgia.


1916 Hills and Dales Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

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Tour the Neel Reid designed home, stroll through the historic Ferrell Gardens, and experience the serenity of this 35-acre estate.

Hills & Dales Estate is the home of the historic Ferrell Gardens. Created by Sarah Coleman Ferrell (1817-1903), the formal boxwood garden is among the best preserved 19th century gardens in the Southeastern United States. Since 1912, the extraordinary gardens have been tended and cherished by the Fuller E. Callaway family.

The centerpiece of Hills & Dales Estate is a beautiful Georgian Italian villa, designed by the noted Atlanta architectural firm of Hentz & Reid in 1914. The classically inspired architecture and remarkable craftsmanship have made Hills and Dales one of the most admired homes in the Southeastern United States. Built for Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. and his wife Ida, the home is furnished with family heirlooms and antiques.

We invite you to enjoy the beauty of the home and the tranquility of the gardens that have been continuously cultivated for over 175 years.