Harris County




Welcome to Harris County, Georgia where an ever-changing landscape awaits you. On the one hand, a quaint, quiet laid-back lifestyle with little farms and hamlets tucked here and there — but on the other hand, progress is becoming evident. West Point, home to the Kia Motors Manufacturing Plant, is now bustling with downtown eateries and shops as well as a welcoming streetscape. Now calling West Point home is Point University, formerly Atlanta Christian College. Columbus State University also has a location in West Point. Both institutions are in the business district.

Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain attracts tourists year-round with its many shops and inviting sidewalks, complete with benches for people-watching and husbands who wait patiently for their wives. Festivals and activities centered around holidays and special observances are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Each November the Veterans Day Celebration is held in front of the Veterans Memorial commemorating veterans from all wars. Pine Mountain is also home to the Harris County Airport with its 5,000-foot runway which is popular with tourists flying in.

Shiloh and Waverly Hall on the east side of the county both enjoy downtown walking trails and historic buildings.

Pine Mountain Valley

Pine Mountain Valley, where President Franklin D. Roosevelt spent much of his leisure time, is the home to valley houses and barns still standing intact as a reminder of his New Deal program. Once a thriving farming community, a few residents can still remember it in its hey-day of the 1930s. And they still tell stories of FDR’s many visits, driving along in his hand controlled Ford Roadster.


Hamilton is the only town in the county with a historic town square, beautifully landscaped and manicured year-round. It is also known for B. H. White, the originator of shaped-note singing back in the 1800s. A historic marker for Mr. White can be found on the square. Hamilton is the county seat with its Neoclassical courthouse which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

No matter the season or the reason, Harris County is the place you’ll want to visit — over and over again. Where growth and nature thrive.